How has limited Internet service affected you?
Tell us, and help our efforts!

The residents of Mississippi Mills, are speaking out.

From limited business capabilities through to limiting our student population. The issues need to be brought forward for all to see and add clout to our efforts.

Please use the form on this page, or email to tell us your story. Videos and pics would be great to demonstrate the limitations we face in Mississippi Mills, so feel free to use that Smartphone and record something.

Your Stories

I work from home 3 days a week and connecting to the VPN is so slow that I only use it when I need to download a file. I have to use my 2 days in the office to catch up on filing because it would take too long at home. The basic signal also drops frequently and we have to reboot a few times a day. I actually had to buy a stick fromTelus to use as an option for when the signal drops so I can keep working.

Carly, Lanark highlands

As a software consultant, I am able to work from a rural location assuming I have reliable internet connectivity. My work includes skype audio and video meetings as well as large file transfers, sometimes in the Gbit size. In addition, my work involves working with GSM devices which I cannot test due to the poor signals. My clients often cannot get through to me because we have poor (1 bar) cell phone reception and it is difficult for them to reach me using only a land line.

There are often times when the internet slows to a crawl (late afternoon) and calls have to be downgraded to audio only. Keeping files synchronized with the cloud is next to impossible due to the slow upload speeds (I disabled my dropbox). I have tried to upgrade our service, however faster speeds are not available in this area. I have contacted our cell phone provider countless times to ask for improved service to no avail.

My consulting work would be more efficient and effective with a decent internet throughput (at least 10 to 15 Mbits) for audio and video communications and a minimum of 2 bars of cell phone coverage for both Bell and Rogers.

Rene, Clayton

Since moving to this area of Kanata (John Aselford Drive) the lack of proper high speed internet has resulted in a collection demand on me.

I had resorted to a Bell Mobility turbo hub, which became so expensive, running up a high bill which I could not afford to pay. Needless to say that the internet service was suspended, however, the bill has to be paid.

Peter, Saddlebrook Estate John Aselford Drive

Since moving to this area of Kanata (John Aselford Drive) the lack of proper high speed internet has resulted in a collection demand on me.

I had resorted to a Bell Mobility turbo hub, which became so expensive, running up a high bill which I could not afford to pay. Needless to say that the internet service was suspended, however, the bill has to be paid.

Peter, Saddlebrook Estate John Aselford Drive

I am a professional who operates primarily out of my house. Though I am only a few kilometres from cable, my only available internet access here is via Xplornet satellite, which is slow and vulnerable to adverse weather.

I might have to move to a location with better internet if broadband doesn't improve in the near future.

Gordon , Near Carp

My boyfriend and I bought a house near Townline Road (just on the outskirts of Carleton Place) about two years ago. We got DSL service with Bell in the beginning and struggled to get any decent speed for months (usually around 1-1.5MBPS download speed); our connection became sporadic and we were unable to rely on any sort of streaming services. I spent countless hours on the phone with technical support and stayed home from work to wait on many service technicians. Finally, they admitted that they were unable to provide me with better speed and I cancelled my account with them. I did so in haste, as I realized that- apart from Xplornet (which I've heard horror stories about from friends, family and co-workers)- there were no other options for Internet service than with Bell; since we are on the fringe of Carleton Place, Rogers did not reach us.

So we opted to get service but this time with Storm Internet (a carrier of Bell) as our ISP. We looked into a wireless option, but it would have required them to erect a 70 ft. tower on our lawn and would have cost us thousands of dollars, not including the foundation that would need to be built for the tower. This wasn't a financially viable option for us, nor did we want the eye sore in the middle of our property, and we went back to DSL. From July 2015-July 2016, we got better speed than we had before- usually we saw around 2MBPS download speed in the house, and we accepted this as the best we could expect. Suddenly, last summer, that speed dropped to nothing and we've essentially had an "open ticket" on the issue for 7 months (service has been spotty and/or speeds have been essentially unusable about 80% of the time). We have had 14 Bell service technicians come to the house, none of which seemed to be given the prior history of what the last technician had tried, and we've gotten no where.

Finally, a few weeks ago, they said Bell would no longer send technicians because it had cost the company far too much already. They told us that we were "simply too far from central office" (6km away) to expect reliable service.

We would have been satisfied to just have our 2MBPS restored, but Bell gave up on |Storm's ticket and instructed them not to send any more techs. So we're back to mostly unusable speeds, if the internet is even working on any given day. When it is working, it will frequently disconnect for long periods.

It seems crazy that we live on the cusp of a town of 10,000 people and can't receive any real Internet service. I rely on it to work from home at times and, had we known this was an issue in Mississippi Mills before buying the house, we would probably have opted on another location.

This region could see a significant surge in a younger population as Ottawa expands out; however, if reliable communications aren't there, it will be a lost opportunity for the area.

Catherine, Carleton Place

We are 5 minutes from Almonte and it's speedy internet service. We have lived here for 14 years and have never had decent service. We have gone from Xplornet to storm to Xplornet to storm to Xplornet once again. They have extended our roof tower another 15 ft and pointed our radio thing in three different directions to try and get the best speed. With three teenage boys and myself trying to work from home it has been very challenging and costly averaging $80 a month for crappy, slow and intermittent signals, countless visits from installers telling us different things than the suppliers, very frustrating. Although we are a 5km stroll to town we feel like we're being punished for being rural, no cable, limited cell service and shit internet.

Jenn, Wolf Grove Road

We just moved to Dunrobin where Internet through Dsl is giving us only 1.5 average download.. but I may have a possible solution I am testing which I hope could solve a lot of people's issues if only Bell / Rogers and Telus get on the bandwagon.. send me an email..

Jaime (depressed tech dude only 10 minutes from March Road...Silicon Valley North!! silicon here!) :-(

I lost out on a job because I can't get reliable high speed internet.

Briana, Beckwith

I run my own consulting service and will sometime work from home. Unfortunately the Bell DSL service I get has very poor upload speeds, so it makes it difficult to be able accomplish portions of my work from home with out having to wait significant amounts of time.

I am also paying for the package that should provide 15Mbps down and 10Mbps up. The true spead is closer to 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

There are no other acceptable options in my area, since I am a heavy user of data in my business.

David, Pakenham

As a realtor who lives and works in Mississippi Mills, and one that has been selling in the community for over 35 years, I can attest to the importance of high speed internet access to our community. When we have new real estate buyers looking to purchase a home or start a business in the area, the first question they ask is the speed of the internet. We have had clients who wanted to locate here, but found the internet speed was unsatisfactory, and thus located elsewhere. This lack of service has cost us business, and the community has lost potential start-up companies. We have all lost.

Sellers of real estate are not immune to the effects of internet speed availability, as their properties can be less attractive to the new generation of buyers; thus sometimes resulting in fewer interested buyers, with a corresponding lower sale price.

The internet speed affects us all, whether we know it or not, especially people like my wife and myself who both work at home, and are heavy internet users. I believe it is essential for the continuing stability and growth of Mississippi Mills to have better internet service.

Harold, Almonte

Equator Coffee Roasters, one of our Town's higher-potential businesses, says it is "struggling with Internet". Both at work, and at home.

What if Craig and Amber decide to pull up stakes due to the inability to perform the basics of 21st century business, or for their childrens' inability to so something like an online computer course (because as we've found with our children online courses are absolutely required given the smaller high schools here that offer a very restricted number of in-class courses).

I'm not in any way suggesting such a decision is imminent. But successful entrepreneurs don't often choose to "struggle" with basic municipal infrastructure - that also effects their families - for very long before they start pulling up stakes.

Nathan, Almonte