The purpose of the MM2020 Pakenham Working Group is to survey all the households in Pakenham (the hamlet, Cedar Hill, and the surrounding rural catchment area) to inform all residents of the opportunity represented by the MM2020 Broadband plan, and to create a unified Pakenham buying group tasked to replace obsolete and expensive telephone, TV and internet delivery with reliable broadband service.  Current digital access needs as well as contemporary Voice-over-IP and Video-chat supporting emerging application services such as telehealth require infrastructure supporting unlimited bandwidth.

Their goal is to have solutions in place by the end of 2018.

Residents of Pakenham are asked to please complete our community survey. Hard copies are available at the Pakenham General Store, Nicholson’s Sundries or the Pakenham Branch Library and can be returned there. All information will be kept confidential and used for no other project than this. Any contact information will only be used to share updates.

The Working Group is also looking for Road Representatives.  Please let them know if you can serve as a Road Representative, to talk to your neighbours about the project and get their input on the survey.  We’d like a 100% return rate.

To get involved or ask questions, please contact Doris Rankin (613-624-5580) or Mark Joynes (613-624-5734).

Fill out our survey