Applying for Connect to Innovate program funding

As of mid-January, 2017 the Mississippi Mills Broadband Working Group has met with the major internet providers, met with members of council and conducted a data gathering survey. The outcome of our initial meetings was the green light to proceed.

The next step is to draft a written proposal for review by both the internet providers and council. Once the draft has been agreed upon, the application for funding must be completed. It is a complex application and the entire application must be completed by March 13, 2017 so things must move fast.

UPDATE: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada has pushed back the deadline for submission to April 20, 2017

One major checklist item is a survey of internet services to show that we have unacceptable internet service in our rural areas. We have collected data from approximately 700 residents from throughout Mississippi Mills. We have mapped that data and the map will be included in the application.

We are in the first phase of a multi-year funding plan. There will be additional monies available between now and 2021. We intend to apply for every program offered by the federal government.