MM2020, the community volunteer group working to provide broadband access to all Mississippi Mills residents by the year 2020 has identified Clayton as one of the more desperate situations in Mississippi Mills due to:

  • Unreliable internet service falling below the CRTC minimum
  • No access to cellular or mobile data services
  • Home phone service in decline due to aging infrastructure
  • No level of government or service provider having plans for improved service in Clayton

The MM2020 Clayton Working Group has been formed and is now hard at work getting organised and putting things in place to start this important initiative.

Our goal is to create a unified buying group to be served by broadband ‘Fibre to the home’ service (FTTH) in the Clayton area.

If you live in the Clayton area you can help by filling out a survey that asks about your current TV, phone and internet experience.

Hard copy survey forms will also be available at the General Store.

Fill out our survey Read our flyer