MM2020 operates under the auspices of the Mississippi Mills Community Economic Development Committee. MM2020 consists entirely of volunteers committed to bringing modern high speed internet to the rural residents of Mississippi Mills. Our successes to date include raising the awareness of the large telcos about the economic potential of Mississippi Mills. Our lobbying efforts contributed to a large telco accelerating their timetable to provide high speed to Almonte and Appleton. MM2020 were also instrumental in getting high speed service to the Municipal Offices.

MM2020 recognizes that rural areas are woefully under served, both for high speed internet and cell phone service. Our rural residents are being disadvantaged in many ways: from access to educational resources for students to essential services for business. Our elderly population is at risk, a simple thing like a reliable cell phone means that our elderly can be more independent. The CRTC has mandated reliable internet services for all Canadians, MM2020 is working to make that a reality for our residents.