July 2018 Update – Clayton

August 14, 2018 / Comments (0)


Our Clayton survey results are compelling: more than 50% of the 600 homes in our study area completed the survey (439 respondents representing 303 households). The vast majority of residents we heard from are not satisfied with their internet service nor cell phone service. A surprising 38% of respondents telecommute and 28% have a home-based business. An impressive 86% would consider signing a contract with a broadband provider and almost as many would consider signing a contract with a cell phone provider for better cellular service.

Since our community BBQ held at the Clayton Community Centre on May 31st, some progress has been made on the broadband project!

Storm has been working with the Town of Mississippi Mills to develop a business plan for a pilot project in Clayton that may see residents having access to broadband before the end of 2018. Members of Town Council and new CAO Ken Becking have been very supportive of this pilot project.  Town Council will be receiving a report from staff, along with the business plan, tentatively at their meeting on August 28th (but that date is not confirmed yet).

We hope that Lanark County will support the initiative by giving Storm permission to place the cable in the side of the road bed along Tatlock Road (their decision is pending).

The Town CAO has promised to keep our Clayton working group informed of their progress and confirm when the matter will be discussed at Council.

For more information on the MM2020 Clayton working group or to get involved, please contact Clem at clempelot@storm.ca or 613-256-7535.

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